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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bite-Size HIPAA® platform was created by privacy and security experts with decades of experience serving the dental community, specifically. It was designed to simplify the confusing and overwhelming task of becoming HIPAA compliant. Our approach is one of progress over time, making small steps in the right direction, with continual improvement as the ultimate goal. It is so easy - you will begin to see progress almost immediately.
Every patient that walks through the front door of your practice assumes that you and your workforce are doing your absolute best to protect their personal information. There is an unspoken promise that you will keep their information both private and secure, and that you will take the same care with the personal information of family members and friends they might refer to you. Your patients’ privacy and security are crucial. By helping you and your practice meet HIPAA security standards, Bite-Size HIPAA® helps provide the trust and peace of mind that are so vital to quality patient care.
HIPAA compliance isn’t a certificate to be earned, but rather a demonstrated commitment to correcting and improving your privacy and security habits. These habits are present in every aspect of running your practice - from patient intake, to computer usage, to human resources, to marketing, social media activities, and everything in between - which is why it is important to work towards developing favorable habits. Bite-Size HIPAA® was developed to teach privacy and security habits as well as provide the necessary tools to track their implementation and compliance amongst your staff.
Bite-Size HIPAA® is a subscription service that is invoiced monthly. Pricing is based on the number of practice locations and the size of your workforce. For example, a practice with a single location and a staff of eight could expect to pay a monthly access fee of $121.00. Try it free for 2 months. There is no credit card required during your full-access trial period and you can cancel your subscription at any time with just a click. It’s easy to get started and it’s easy to use.

Ready to get started and see immediate progress?